TiesAndBeyond.com - Return Policy ("Policy")

Last Modified: Jan 01, 2018

TiesAndBeyond.com / Fashions By A&Z, LLC ("us", "we", or "our") would like to make the return process as smooth and predictable as possible for our Customers ("you").  There are manifold circumstances that lead to a return.  However, it should fall into one of the broad 'reasons' below.  We have tried to be as clear as possible for the various circumstances.  The General Practices section provides the basis of our Policy.  From which, each following section provides unique modifications to that base relative to the reason for the return.

Please read the entire document to find the information relevant to your particular circumstance.  Varying conditions apply for each of the possible broad reasons for a return.

General Conditions

  • Submission made through account portal (https://tiesandbeyond.com/my-account)
  • 7 days from receipt item
  • Customer responsible postage
  • Item is packaged securely, in resalable condition, unused/unworn (as applicable), and in original packaging
  • 100% value as store credit or 80% 'cash' (via original payment method)


Customer must submit request via the above noted method before returning any item.  We will provide the various details about delivery locations and shipping particulars per the request.  Unauthorized shipments may result in the following: delivery rejection, item return, item forfeiture, lack of customer attribution.  Unauthorized returns are considered abandoned by Customer; Customer having waived all claim to the item.


Items should be packed in a manner to keep the item safe and undamaged.  Items should be returned in their original retail packaging (as applicable), unused/unworn, and in resalable condition.  It is important for us to be able to properly assess the item.  We make this assessment to determine validity of claim and to help prevent similar circumstances in the future.  Misrepresented claims may be rejected.


Customer has 7 days from time of receipt of a particular item to file a claim for return.  This time is dependent upon each part of one's order.  For instance, items received on different days each have independent windows of time for a return.  Submission must happen within this 7-day time period.  Details will be discussed, determined, and transmitted to the customer.  Once a course of action is determined, Customer will have 7 additional days to comply with the instructions, i.e. Once informed, Customer will have a week to package, ship, and provide tracking information back to us.  Failure to ship in a timely manner will result in claim being cancelled, and return authorization nullified.


Customer has the option of receiving 100% of the returned item's value (and the pro-rated portion of shipping costs from that order, excluding any collected tax) as store credit towards a future purchase.  These funds do not expire and may be used for any item listed at our site.  Alternatively, Customer may choose to receive 80% of the item's value (and the pro-rated portion of shipping costs from that order, including any collected tax) returned via the original method of payment.  If original method of payment is not feasible or original method was cash, Customer shall accept a check in the same amount as the equivalent.

Any return amount credited to customer for a particular item or in aggregate for multiple items within the same order, shall not exceed total order value.

Refusal / Rejection

Rejected claims are those that do not meet the circumstances in which we have allowed a return, we have denied authorization.  Claims may be rejected for various reasons (not exhaustive):

  • Misrepresented condition
  • Failure to comply in a timely manner
  • Failure to obtain authorization

We do not want to reject claims.  But, it is important to know that each party has responsibilities.  Rejected claims nullify the option for return of an item.  Item will be deemed as 'acceptable' by the Customer, and we are rightly due the paid price for the item.  Customer shall not pursue, and waives right to pursue, external means of retrieving funds from the item;s purchase (i.e. reversing a Credit Card charge)

Color Disclaimer

Due to limitations of Monitors and Hardware, the colors presented on your screen may vary slightly from that which is actually received.  We try our best to present as close a representation as possible, but variations in colors will not be considered a defect.

Disputes / Limitations / Reservations

It is possible that we are not able to agree with the Customer's reason for return.  The Uniform Commercial Code of Connecticut (https://www.cga.ct.gov/current/pub/title_42a.htm) shall be considered on points not covered in this policy, and any arbitration handled in the state of Connecticut.  Liability of TiesAndBeyond.com and its operating entity, Fashions By A&Z, is ultimately limited to the cost of the item in question.  At no time, and under no circumstances shall we be liable for anything beyond that value, including, but not limited to: travel, shipping costs, legal fees, incidental damage, medical expenses, punitive damages.

We reserve the right to limit or refuse claims in circumstances that we feel are abusive of this system, at our sole discretion.

We reserve the right to ask for collateral, and/or wait for arrival of returned item before proceeding with any replacement.

---Modifications to standard policy---

Reason: Defect

Defects in an item are covered for 21 days from the time of receipt.

Defective items will be replaced with the same item at no additional cost to you.

We may ask for return of the defective item.  In such a case, we will arrange for shipping back from your location.  If requested, return of the damaged item is required to proceed with replacement.  Noncompliance may lead to denial of claim.

If the item is no longer available, at our discretion we may decide to offer alternatives or provide a full refund of the original purchase price

Reason: Change-of-Heart

Follows standard policy as noted above

Reason: Ordered the Wrong Item

Everyone makes a mistake now and again, we're all human.  Contact us by following the above standard policy instructions.  We will do what we can to make sure that you have chosen the product you intended.

Reason: Shipped the Wrong Item

Oops, Sorry.  We may have picked the wrong item from the storeroom or somehow made a clerical mistake in the records.  This is our problem and will be rectified as soon as possible.  We would likely want to work with you to investigate, and prevent the problem from occurring in the future.

Incorrect items will be replaced with the proper item at no additional cost to you.

We will arrange for shipping back from your location of the incorrect item.  If requested, return of the incorrect item is required to proceed with replacement.  Noncompliance may lead to denial of claim.

Particularly if the item is no longer available or at our discretion, we may decide to offer alternatives or provide a full refund of the original purchase price

Subscriptions - Cancellation

When cancelled, future cycles (i.e. each 'month' for monthly subscriptions, not renew next cycle) will not be charged, without penalty.  You may file a claim via the return mechanism noted above in the standard policy portion, for the current cycle's charge, if ALL of the following are true:

  • You have made no purchases during that cycle with any subscription discount, either silently as a member or via coupon code provided exclusively to members
  • You have not been shipped any goods for that cycle associated with subscription (i.e. not received a tie from the 'Tie-of-the-Month Club')

Subscriptions - Return

Subscribers may return received items with the following modifications to the standard policy:

  • May only choose store credit equal to the then posted retail value of received item (or class of item)
  • Return shipping is responsibility of customer

'All Sales Final' Items

Occasionally, some items may be marked as 'All Sales Final' (or similar conspicuous wording).  This items are not subject to the standard policy.  These items may only be considered as damaged/defective if they significantly differ from their description.  As long as received is as described, these items are not eligible for returns.