Delivery Terms and Conditions

Free Shipping

All orders will be shipped without any additional cost to the customer, via a carrier of our choosing.

Shipping Times

Most items are shipped within 48 hours of ordering.  However, it is possible that the item you have requested is on a small pre-order delay, typically 5-7 days.  We will ship your item as soon as possible after ordering.

We do not offer expedited shipping as a standard option.  If you need something quickly, it is best to contact us directly to discuss via options in your case.


If you happen to have subscribed to a club providing items on a regular schedule, those items will be shipped at the beginning of each period.  For instance, monthly subscriptions will have their items processed near the end of each month, and shipped soon thereafter.  This means that actual delivery will happen sometime in the first week of each month.

Subscription costs include any applicable shipping necessary to deliver any goods in conjunction with the subscription.

Note: Subscriptions 'close' at a given point in each term, and any new subscribers after that point, during that period, roll over to the next shipment period.  It is possible to subscribe within the calendar month, but after the subscribers for that month have been processed.  This offset is made up on the tail end, as you will apparently receive items past your subscription end date by an equal amount.


It is up to us to determine how best to get the item to your requested delivery address.  Typically this would be USPS.  We reserve the right to choose the carrier.